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Safe Path Advisors and COVID-19: Our priority is the well being of our customers and employees. With safety in mind, we will be operating our call centers virtually to protect our employees and continue to serve you. Click here for more information.

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Strongsville, OH
I always paid the minimum payment due because I thought that was the right thing to do. I didn't realize it wasn't getting me anywhere until I had more interest than I was actually spending. Safe Path Advisors showed me how to make meaningful dents in my debt without strapping me. Thank you Safe Path Advisors for showing me how to get out of my debt.
Scranton, PA
Things quickly spiraled for me when I got divorced. I was sad, I was alone, I was bored. I started online shopping. I wasn't really tracking what I was spending on until it was too late. After the first bill, I hid. I literally hid the bill I was so embarrassed. I let this go on a little while. Safe Path Advisors showed me a better solution. They allowed me to pay what I could afford and even how to save. Safe Path Advisors made it easy for me to succeed. I needed that.